Telenor WhatsApp Packages

Telenor WhatsApp Packages

As you all know, Telenor provides us with every possible package. Telenor WhatsApp packages are one of them. I understand these packages are needed by everyone. Because all Telenor users cannot afford the Telenor data packages. Therefore, Telenor introduces daily, weekly, and monthly WhatsApp offers in their social packages.

Telenor Daily WhatsApp Packages

Telenor Daily WhatsApp Packages

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Most Beneficial Daily Telenor WhatsApp Packages

According to my recommendation, both packages are viable for different types of users. If you want a cheap Telenor daily WhatsApp offer, subscribe to the first WhatsApp offer in a table. You get 70 MBs of Data for WhatsApp only in PKR 3. *311# is the subscription code of this offer. 

If you have a reasonable budget and think 70 MBs of Data is not enough for you for a day, go with a second package. You get 150 MBs of Data for all social packs in PKR 14. For a subscription to a full-day Telenor WhatsApp package, Dial *5*250#.

Why Users Need Telenor Daily WhatsApp Packages?

You know, every person uses WhatsApp for communication, fun, business, and many more reasons. Due to the most demanding social media platform, billions of users use WhatsApp and have different requirements. 

Some users want WhatsApp packages for a day only. Now, you tell what they can do after activating the Day Telenor WhatsApp package only. You need to understand that only some have the exact requirements. 

Some want a WhatsApp package for the day because their PTCL has expired and is activated after a day. Therefore, they can package only for a day using WhatsApp only. 

Many have low budgets and go with daily WhatsApp packages and want to enjoy WhatsApp for some time. So, different users have different needs and requirements. According to this, Telecom brands include the Daily WhatsApp package. I hope that it’s clear why users need a daily WhatsApp package. 

Telenor 3 Days WhatsApp Package

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In 3 3-day WhatsApp offer, Telenor provides 150 MBs of Data not only using WhatsApp with unlimited on-net calling minutes. It means this is the combo Telenor WhatsApp package for you. So, you have two benefits after subscribing to this offer. 

First, you have enjoyed WhatsApp, and second, call your friends, family, or neighbors as much as you want after dialing *5*3#. 

Telenor Weekly WhatsApp Package

Telenor Weekly WhatsApp Packages

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Ufone Weekly Telenor WhatsApp Packages provide 450 MBs of Data for all social packs. And IMO, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter are all included in PKR 120. I think Telenor will make the price of this offer somewhere high. 

 The Monthly Telenor WhatsApp packages below will show you why I am telling you this. Anyhow, the user who needs a weekly WhatsApp package looks at this.

Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package

Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Packages

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Names of Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Most Valuable Offer

Telenor Monthly Most Valuable WhatsApp Packages

So, we have 3 Telenor Monthly WhatsApp packages in the above table. We have to decide which one is best for you for subscription. Let me tell you one thing before giving the recommendation. 

The package which I recommend is optional for you to subscribe to. If you don’t like the box, I recommend you see other Telenor WhatsApp packages that complete your needs.

First, I recommend that all of you avail of the first Monthly WhatsApp Telenor bundle in the table in PKR 1. I provide this offer, especially for people who want to use WhatsApp but don’t have money. This offer is equal to free, which gives you 2 GB of Data for WhatsApp. Dial *660# for availing this free offer. 

If you need more than 2 GB of Data monthly for monthly usage, go with the Monthly Social and WhatsApp package. You get 5 GB of Data in PKR 85 for all social media platforms. It means you will use WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other social media platform you want. So, subscribe to this package by dialing *660#. 

Terms And Conditions Of Telenor WhatsApp Packages

  • All Telenor prepaid SIM users can subscribe to this offer. 
  • You will not be able to subscribe multiple times to Telenor WhatsApp offers; once your resources or validity expire, you can subscribe to these offers again.
  • Some Telenor WhatsApp package allows multiple subscriptions if you want to double your resources.
  • You can subscribe to these Telenor WhatsApp packages anywhere in Pakistan. For international packages, you need to see Telenor International Packages.


If you explore the above offers, I hope you know how Telenor facilitates its users by providing them with WhatsApp packages. Actually, it’s important to introduce every social app offered if you want to become a brand in Telecom.

And Telenor definitely completes its requirements. However, for activations choose your favorite offer from the above given and then activate it.

Telenor auto unsubscribes these daily WhatsApp packages. You don’t need to do anything for un-subscription. 

Dial *999# to check Telenor WhatsApp Packages’ status or remaining resources. 

Dial *124# and unsubscribe from Telenor monthly WhatsApp packages. 

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